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Welcome to Year 6 2017-2018!


Below are some pictures and links to Year 6 activities. We've been busy updating the blog and it is good to see Year 6 making a helpful start to the Book Blog too. There are lots more links to books, maths help and games to support your learning on the blog. Click through to the blog, read a post and follow the links from there!

If you have something you would like to add to our blog, do let Mrs Watson know, or send in a post yourself using j2e.


Have fun and enjoy discovering something new!



Letters and information

Gallery 2017-2018

Carol Concert in St James Church

Carol Concert in St James Church 1
Carol Concert in St James Church 2
Carol Concert in St James Church 3
Carol Concert in St James Church 4

World War II Day

We spent the day living as children of the time as part of our topic work.

Dressed as children of the era, we replicated a traditional 1940's PE lesson, tasted food which would have been part of a very limited diet due to rationing and staged an air raid situation.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Christmas Art Day

Christmas Art Day 1
Christmas Art Day 2
Christmas Art Day 3
Christmas Art Day 4

Play Tower 'Thank You' tea party

Play Tower 'Thank You' tea party 1
Play Tower 'Thank You' tea party 2
Today we made cakes and served tea to say thank you to some of the people who have helped to buy the new play tower for school. Well done Year 6 for your baking and your hospitality skills. We had some pretty impressive baking skills on display and enjoyed sharing our ghost stories and Coventry Blitz writing with some of our visitors. Thank you for visiting Year 6!

Purple4Polio Crocus Planting October 2017

Year 6 really enjoyed taking their part in this Rotary event, part of their

campaign to eradicate polio.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Moving on poetry - Summer 2017

During the latter part of the Summer term (2016-2017,) our Year 6 class  were visited by members of Southam College as part of their transition process which also included visits to the college as 'taster' lessons. 

Reflecting on their transition to secondary school, they wrote some very thoughtful poems about moving on.


We hope you enjoy them. 

Bradley's poem

Bradley's poem 1

Daniel's poem

Daniel's poem 1

Verity's poem

Verity's poem 1

Neo's poem

Neo's poem 1

Kyra's poem

Kyra's poem 1

Ruby's poem

Ruby's poem 1

Harvey's poem

Harvey's poem 1

Aston's poem

Aston's poem 1

James' poem

James' poem 1

Max's poem

Max's poem 1

Lindisfarne letters

As part of their topic work, Year 6 have been finding out about the Viking attack on Lindisfarne and the impact this had on the monks who lived and studied there. They imagined that they were a monk who had witnessed the attack and then wrote to Bishop Higbald reporting the tragic events of AD 793.


A selection of their letters can be read below:

Year 6 poetry

Year 6 have written poems for the 'Once Upon a Dream' Young Writers' poetry competition. They all chose whether to write about a nightmare or a dream and have produced some very thoughtful work. Here are just a small selection for you to enjoy. Everyone's poem will be presented in a book in the classroom for us to share.

Well done Year 6!

Max's story based on 'London Snow'

Aston's Poem - Memories of Life

Daisy's Diary - The Sinking of the Quetta

Savannah's Story

Homework choices, Autumn first half term 2016

Gallery from our class of 2016-2017

York Photos May 2017

Science Week March 2017

World Book Day March 2nd 2017

World Book Day March 2nd 2017 1
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 2
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 3

Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition

Our Literacy learning this term has been around Shackleton's Antarctic expedition of 1914.



Our display of poems.


(Click on the individual poems below to enlarge.)

Picture 1 By Daniel
Picture 2 By Francis
Picture 1
Picture 1 Our "Ice" pictures
Picture 2 By Chantelle

Alongside our literacy learning about Shackleton's expedition; our artwork linked to "Ice" and we explored creating effective pictures using different blues,

Chantelles's example was created using pastels.






"Underground Drawings"

As part of their work on World War 11 Year 6 looked at the

"Underground" drawings by Henry Moore.

They experimented making their own pictures using charcoal trying to replicate the curves in Moore's work and the mood of the air-raid shelter.


By Lily

By Scarlett

Christmas Art Workshop Day

The whole school enjoyed a special day of activities to coincide with

the Children in Need appeal.

As part of the day, Year 6 helped to create a stunning hall nativity display incorporating the theme of this year's Key Stage 1 production,

"It's a Cracker."


Picture 1
Picture 2

Poetry Tree

Our poetry tree for us to share and enjoy poetry.

We have also written our "Suitcase Poems," inspired by the book "the Arrival" by Shaun Tan.