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Gallery 2017-2018


Tudor Museum Day

Our Tudor Museum Day was a great success with our visitors and the rest of the children in school really enjoying their visit to our museum and watching our dances.

We looked fabulous in costume and Mrs McLaren and Miss King were very proud of our choreography. Everyone thought the dances looked truly authentic to the era.

In the museum we enjoyed sharing some of the interesting and even fascinating facts

we have learnt about the Tudor times during our topic work.


Some of our Tudor Portraits

 Some of our Tudor Portraits 1 By Charlotte
 Some of our Tudor Portraits 2 By Connor
 Some of our Tudor Portraits 3 By Sam
 Some of our Tudor Portraits 4 By Isla
 Some of our Tudor Portraits 5 By Ella
 Some of our Tudor Portraits 6 By Evie

Christingle Service in Coventry Cathedral

On 5th December we attended The County Church of England Schools'

Christingle Service in Coventry Cathedral.

Some of us had written our own prayers and were extremely brave in standing in front of the large congregation to read them out.


Christmas Art Day

Christmas Art Day 1
Christmas Art Day 2
Christmas Art Day 3
Christmas Art Day 4

Purple4Polio Crocus Planting

Year 5 really enjoyed taking their part in this Rotary event, part of their

campaign to eradicate polio.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Year 5 are Superheroes!

In Literacy, inspired by the thinking of "Superheroes," Year 5 have written some of their thoughts focusing on things they think they are successful at.

They created this display, visualising themselves achieving great things.


Picture 1 Superhero James
Picture 2 Superhero Zara
Picture 3 Superhero Ella
Picture 4 Superhero Thomas

Gallery from our class of 2016-2017


Frontier Centre Residential Visit

We enjoyed a fun stay at this outdoor activity centre in Northamptonshire with a full programme of indoor and outdoor activities that in some cases tested our resolve to "be brave and have a go." Well done to everyone for encouraging each other.

South America

As part of their current topic work Year 5 have been learning about Brazil.

They created either posters or leaflets about this vibrant South American country.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Minibeast Madness

Well done to all Year 5 for their amazingly entertaining performance!

The show was fantastic and enjoyed by each audience, young and old alike.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

World Book Day March 2nd 2017

World Book Day March 2nd 2017 1
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 2
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 3

Picasso's Blue Period

We created sombre paintings inspired by Picasso's work which saw him using shades of blue and blue-greens occasionally warmed by other colours.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


In Literacy we have been looking at The novel "Cosmic" by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

This is a comedy about an tall boy mistaken for an adult who finishes up in space!

We have really enjoyed the writing activities based around this story.

Picture 1
Picture 1 By Tiago
Picture 2 By Freya

Tudor Portraits

Tudor Portraits 1 By Amelia
Tudor Portraits 2 By Rebecca

Christmas Art Workshop Day

To Coincide with the Children in Need Appeal, we enjoyed a day of art activities.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Year 5 Prayer Board

Our topic this term is Believing and Belonging. We have been thinking about why we enjoy belonging to our school. This is a picture of the display we created together with a close up of two examples of our thoughts.



Picture 1 By Robyn
Picture 2 By Tiago