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Welcome to Year 3 Class 2017-2018!



Gallery 2017-2018


Easter Biscuit Making

Year 3 had a lovely day on the last day of term making and decorating their Easter Biscuits.

It was also our special "Wear a Hat"  day in aid of charity which is why you will see some interesting headgear in the photographs!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3

Year 3 taking part in The Key Stage 2 Carol Concert in St James Church

Year 3 taking part in The Key Stage 2 Carol Concert in St James Church 1

Christmas Art Day

Christmas Art Day 1
Christmas Art Day 2
Christmas Art Day 3
Christmas Art Day 4

Purple4Polio Crocus Planting

Year 3 really enjoyed taking their part in this Rotary event, part of their

campaign to eradicate polio.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Self Portraits

To start our new school year, Year 3 created vivid self portraits using pastels. 

They thought carefully about their individual features, all the things that make them unique.

Picture 1 Olly
Picture 2 Joe
Picture 3 Ella
Picture 4 Summer

Gallery from our class of 2016-2017

Zorbas Greek Restaurant Visit

Zorbas Greek Restaurant Visit 1
Zorbas Greek Restaurant Visit 2
Zorbas Greek Restaurant Visit 3
Zorbas Greek Restaurant Visit 4

Women's World Cycle Tour

Year 3 enthusiastically lined Coventry Street to cheer on the cyclists as they passed through Southam en route to Leamington.

They waved their homemade banners in support and were rewarded

with smiles from the cyclists.

After the event they used the experience to become journalists for the afternoon

writing their own newspaper reports.


Picture 1
Picture 2

Where does our food come from?

As part of our Spring Term topic we looked at where our bananas come from and

we linked this with learning about Fairtrade.

We then created this beautiful display using  diary entries we had written based on

  the  "Journey of a Banana" and collaged art work. 



World Book Day March 2nd 2017

World Book Day March 2nd 2017 1
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 2
World Book Day March 2nd 2017 3

Our Stone Age Display

Our Stone Age Display 1

"The Pebble in My Pocket"

We have been looking at this book by Meredith Hooper.

It follows the story of a pebble from its origins in a volcano 480 million years ago,

to its place in a busy modern landscape.

We drew dramatic volcano pictures using pastel crayons.



Christmas Art Workshop Day

The whole school enjoyed a special day of activities to coincide with

the Children in Need appeal.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Visit by Captain Nunn

Captain Graham Nunn is a Church Army officer who spends time working with children in schools using drama activities to teach about relationships and Christian values.

We were fortunate to have a class visit. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Passport to Year 3 Display