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The Executive Head teacher, Mrs Phyllis King , is the school's lead for e-safety.

Children are made aware of how to keep themselves safe when using the internet in their IT lessons.



This is our e-safety policy. Please take a few moments to read it and contact the school if you have any comments to make. Parents and pupils have been asked to sign the Acceptable Use of the Internet Agreement.

Social media sites

Many social media sites have age-limits (usually at least 13, but sometimes older) so primary school children should not have their own accounts on sites such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If your child wants to be involved in these activities safely, set up a family account which parents can run. This way you control privacy settings, know what is being posted and support your child to use mobile media safely.


Follow the links below to find lots of useful guidance on how to stay safe and have fun when using internet and mobile media: